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Accepting credit and debit cards in a Convenience store or Newsagents has become vital to retain customers and to help increase customer spends, if a customer is paying by card they are not limited by the cash in their pocket.

With the introduction of contactless payments for transactions less than £30 and Apple Pay, paying by card has become a quick and easy payment method for lots of your customers.

Reposs is a partner with Payment sense and using the PS Connect solution, it is very simple to be able to accept card payments on your Reposs till.

Card Processing Made Simple - Save up to 40% on your card machine and integrate with your Reposs EPoS System  -

Why choose Reposs & PSConnect?

Reposs & PSConnect is the easiest way to integrate your EPoS and card payments.

Free card machine installation

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24/7 UK based customer support

Next-day terminal replacement

Automated till roll delivery

What is PSConnect?

PSConnect is a unique product that will completely change the way you take payments. It creates a seamless link between your Reposs EPoS System and card machine, making it quick and easy to take card payments.  

What are the benefits of PSConnect integrated with a Reposs EPoS System?

4x faster payments

An average sale takes over a minute to process. With our integrated solution this is reduced to 20 seconds, helping you speed up and improve your customer service.

Cash up in minutes

Reconciliation is fully automated. There’s no need to cross check figures against end of day reports when doing your final settlement.

Protect your profits

Automatic settlement allows you to keep track of every transaction, removing any opportunity for theft.

No human error

Integration guarantees payments are always 100% accurate, so you’ll never have to worry about over or under charging customers.

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*A software support contract is required for this feature


About Paymentsense

Paymentsense is the UK’s largest merchant service provider, helping thousands of

small and medium businesses save on their card payments every single day.

  • 50,000 happy customers

  • £4 billion processed per year

  • 98% of customers recommend us

Subject to Payment Sense & Reposs Ltd Terms and Conditions - Available August 2016