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Retail and convenience store EPoS solutions don't need to break the bank - they also need to prove themselves to be fast, reliable and user friendly for staff to use. 

Our affordable electronic point of sales systems include EPoS hardware, EPoS software and 24/7 support for corner shops, convenience stores, newsagentsretailers and wholesalers.

Reposs EPoS systems for Conveniecne Stores and Newsagents offer all of these qualities, and more - boasting complete stock control, flexible reporting and outstanding management information facilities.

Our focus is to provide and support high quality, reliable EPoS Sytstem that remains easy to use whilst maintaining the great value for money and powerful features our clients have come to expect. 

For a free, no obligation demonstration of our EPoS solutions, please fill out the form below and a friendly member of our team will call you back to discuss the needs of your convenience store and how our EPoS system could help you to become more cost-efficient and boost profits.

We appreciate that running your business can be hard work and involve long hours. You have to manage thousands of products to give your customers what they need when they need it.

Reposs Core gives you control throughout your business so you can serve customers quickly and efficiently, whilst manging the products and services you offer to maximise your time and profits.

Get Control of Pricing

Reduce Manual Tasks 

Increase Profit

Identify and reduce theft 

Order what sells

Reduce Stock Holding

Improve Cashflow

Better Customer Service

Maximise Shop Potential

Identify Top sellers

Reduce Wastage

Keep Control of Cash

Less Customer Debt

More Competitive

Easy to use and specific features and functionality to manage product lines and services sold using Convenience Store and Newsagent EPoS systems.  A real time fully integrated EPoS software application, which means all sales and updates are visible on the system straight away and you can even make changes and view reports in real time from any where in the world.

We provide a life time licence for the EPoS software and we continue to develop the software  and provide updates to keep your business ahead of your competitors.

Scanning Touch Screen  Till

Real Time Stock Control

Lottery & Scratch Cards

Promotions & Special Offers

Utilities & Commissioned Sales

Age Verification Warnings

Shelf Edge Labels

Automated Ordering

Non Barcoded Items

Bake off and Fresh Produce Sales

Newspaper & Magazines Sales or Return

Newspaper & Magazine Deliveries & Accounts

Cash Control and Financial Reports

Stock Checks and Profit Reports

Paid out control and Reports

Vouchers Control and Reports

Electronic Transaction Log

Password Controls and Update Logs

Electronic Links To Wholesalers ( Optional)

Win 10 Compatible

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