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Reposs Core

Reposs Core EPoS Software gives you control, saves time and boosts profits.


Reposs Core

Reposs Core EPoS Software gives you control, saves time and boosts profits.

We appreciate that running your business can be hard work and involve long hours. You have to manage thousands of products to give your customers what they need when they need it.

Reposs Core gives you control throughout your business so you can serve customers quickly and efficiently, whilst manging the products and services you offer to maximise your time and profits.

Get Control of Pricing

Reduce Manual Tasks 

Increase Profit

Identify and reduce theft 

Order what sells

Reduce Stock Holding

Improve Cashflow

Better Customer Service

Maximise Shop Potential

Identify Top sellers

Reduce Wastage

Keep Control of Cash

Less Customer Debt

More Competitive

Easy to use and specific features and functionality to manage product lines and services sold in Convenience Stores and Newsagents.  A real time fully integrated EPoS software application, which means all sales and updates are visible on the system straight away and you can even make changes and view reports in real time from any where in the world.

We provide a life time licence for the EPoS software and we continue to develop the software  and provide updates to keep your business ahead of your competitors.

Scanning Touch Screen  Till

Real Time Stock Control

Lottery & Scratch Cards

Promotions & Special Offers

Utilities & Commissioned Sales

Age Verification Warnings

Shelf Edge Labels

Automated Ordering

Non Barcoded Items

Bake off and Fresh Produce Sales


Newspaper & Magazines Sales or Return

Newspaper & Magazine Deliveries & Accounts

Cash Control and Financial Reports

Stock Checks and Profit Reports

Paid out control and Reports

Vouchers Control and Reports

Electronic Transaction Log

Password Controls and Update Logs

Electronic Links To Wholesalers ( Optional)

Win 7 and Win 8 Compatible

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Home News Delivery

Home News Delivery

The Reposs Home News Delivery system helps you save time by automating and managing your paperounds and customer accounts more profitably.

Delivering papers and magazines to your customers can be time consuming and costly if you do not stay on top of your customers' delieveries and what your customers owe. 

Manual paperounds systems with ledger or huggler books, rounds books, diaries, paper notes and manual bills can be repetitive and result in costly mistakes.

The Reposs Home News Delivery system allows you to automate your paperound accounts so that you can easily manage the papers and magazines your customers need delivered. Customers are charged accurately for what they have delievered and that they get billed promptly and accurately to help your cashflow.

Flexibility with simple controls and reporting mean you make sure each delivery customer is profitable and it helps you to see new home news delivery customers as an opportunity, rather than just more work.

Available as a Home News Delivery system fully integrated into a Reposs EPoS system, a standalone Home News Delivery system or a Home News Delivery software package.


Set up detailed and bespoke customer accounts 

Produce round sheets quickly and easily

Delivery date requests automatically managed

Payments and vouchers tracked and updated

Easy to understand and flexible customer reports



News & Magazines Supplies

Manage and download daily deliveries with our newsagent-dedicated Epos software. The UK's premier EPoS system for the independent retailer, with touchscreen tills.

News & Magazines Supplies

Manage and download daily deliveries with our newsagent-dedicated Epos software. The UK's premier EPoS system for the independent retailer, with touchscreen tills.

Reposs is the endorsed EPoS business partner of both Menzies Distribution and Smiths News for their independent retailers who need an EPoS System that will help them manage their news and magazine supplies, sales and returns.

A Reposs EPoS system allows you to manage the supplies and sales of your news and magazine titles that you get from Smiths News or Menzies Distribution. But to keep this information up to date and maintained can be very time consuming if you have to book in each title every morning. The Reposs EPoS System allows you to connect to Menzies Distribution or Smiths News via i-Menzies or C2U respectively, which means you can download your delivery seemlessly each morning. Your daily electronic delivery note contains all the information you need to keep your publications up to date.

New Newspaper & Magazine Titles - sets up the new title with all information required so it is ready to be scanned

New Prices - not only will all titles scan at the till at the correct price, it will automatically update the prices for your customer account and customers that have a paper delivered.

Stock Quantity Received - the quantity of the issue being delivered can be booked in automatically, helping stock control so you can see what needs returning and how many.

Bardcode & Issue Numbers - this gives you stock by issue control and makes sure every title scans when a customer wants to buy it.

Using a Reposs EPoS System will help you manage your newspapers and magazines more profitably and could save you at least one hour per day booking in news titles.

As a Menzies Distribution or Smiths News customer you can benefit from finance when taking out a EPoS package with Reposs.


Convenience Store EPoS

Convenience store EPoS systems with 24/7 support, available on finance.

Convenience Store EPoS

Convenience store EPoS systems with 24/7 support, available on finance.


Trusted by 1900+ Convenience Stores

Retail and convenience store EPoS solutions don't need to break the bank - they also need to prove themselves to be fast, reliable and user friendly for staff to use. 

Our affordable electronic point of sales systems include EPoS hardware, EPoS software and 24/7 support for corner shops, convenience stores, newsagentsretailers and wholesalers.

Reposs EPoS systems for Conveniecne Stores and Newsagents offer all of these qualities, and more - boasting complete stock control, flexible reporting and outstanding management information facilities.

Our focus is to provide and support high quality, reliable EPoS Sytstem that remains easy to use whilst maintaining the great value for money and powerful features our clients have come to expect. 

For a free, no obligation demonstration of our EPoS solutions, please fill out the form below and a friendly member of our team will call you back to discuss the needs of your convenience store and how our EPoS system could help you to become more cost-efficient and boost profits.

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Stock ordering made simple with our exclusive wholesaler cash & carry EPoS software and systems. Fully optimised, affordable EPoS available from Reposs Ltd. 24/7 Support


Stock ordering made simple with our exclusive wholesaler cash & carry EPoS software and systems. Fully optimised, affordable EPoS available from Reposs Ltd. 24/7 Support

Most wholesalers understand the vitally important role that EPoS has to play in the modern convenience store and newsagent and see it as an essential business tool for the success of their retailers' businesses.

They have invested in infrastructure and technology to help make it easier for their retailers to get connected to them. A Reposs EPoS system connects you to your wholesaler so you can place orders, download product files and get electronic purchase notes and delivery notes.

Some wholesalers also give Reposs their forthcoming promotions each month so you can download the relevant promotions at the click of a button straight into your Reposs system.

Hundreds of Reposs customers connect to their wholesaler through their Reposs EPoS system, helping them get control, save time and boost profits.

We are constantly working with wholesalers to add functionality and we are always adding new wholesalers so it is very easy for you to change wholesaler, without changing your EPoS system.

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Integrated Chip & Pin Card Payments

Integrated Chip & Pin Card Payments

Customers paying by card

Accepted currency types - Reposs EPoS

Accepting credit and debit cards in a Convenience store or Newsagents has become vital to retain customers and to help increase customer spends, if a customer is paying by card they are not limited by the cash in their pocket.

With the introduction of contactless payments for transactions less than £30 and Apple Pay, paying by card has become a quick and easy payment method for lots of your customers.

Reposs is a partner with Payment sense and using the PS Connect solution, it is very simple to be able to accept card payments on your Reposs till.

Card Processing Made Simple -  Save up to 40% on your card machine and integrate with your Reposs EPoS System -

Why choose Reposs & PSConnect?

Reposs & PSConnect is the easiest way to integrate your EPoS and card payments.

Free card machine installation

Electronic Point of Sales System EPoS Setup - Reposs

Free Integrated EPoS Link to Reposs EPoS

24/7 UK based customer support

Next-day terminal replacement

Automated till roll delivery

What is PSConnect?

PSConnect is a unique product that will completely change the way you take payments. It creates a seamless link between your Reposs EPoS System and card machine, making it quick and easy to take card payments.  The software is built in to our card machines and works with almost every type of EPoS system in the current market.

What are the benefits of PSConnect integrated with a Reposs EPoS System?

4x faster payments

An average sale takes over a minute to process. With our integrated solution this is reduced to 20 seconds, helping you speed up and improve your customer service.

Cash up in minutes

Reconciliation is fully automated. There’s no need to cross check figures against end of day reports when doing your final settlement.

Protect your profits

Automatic settlement allows you to keep track of every transaction, removing any opportunity for theft.

No human error

Integration guarantees payments are always 100% accurate, so you’ll never have to worry about over or under charging customers.


For more information on integrating your Reposs EPoS system with Payment Sense


About Paymentsense

Paymentsense is the UK’s largest merchant service provider, helping thousands of

small and medium businesses save on their card payments every single day.

  • 50,000 happy customers

  • £4 billion processed per year

  • 98% of customers recommend us

Subject to Payment Sense & Reposs Ltd Terms and Conditions - Available August 2016


i-Movo Digital Vouchers

i-Movo Digital Vouchers

I-Movo Logo - E-vouchers accepted here at Reposs EPoS

Leading FMCG brands and publishers use i-movo digital vouchers to promote their products and publications. i-movo gives them a secure platform to deliver their offers direct to consumers via any media e.g. mobile phones, barcoded letters and plastic cards. The consumer simply presents their voucher to the retailer to be scanned, their Reposs EPoS system then validates the voucher. The retailer is then automatically reimbursed directly into their bank account.

i-movo is the UK’s leading secure digital voucher system having processed over 17 million transactions worth in excess of £250 million. The service is available in over 60,000 locations across the whole of the UK. The system enables vouchers distributed by SMS, email or direct mail to be accepted by retailers as a trusted form of payment; each i-movo voucher is unique and validated in real-time to avoid over-use or fraud. Clients of the service include Associated Newspapers, BP, Coca-Cola, Financial Times, Guardian Media Group, GlaxoSmithKline, Molson-Coors, Pepsico and SPAR.

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Automatically Identify Abnormalities 


Automatically Identify Abnormalities 

PinPoint allows you to identify issues when they happen so you know exactly when and what you are looking for on your EPoS system and CCTV.

CCTV is great for showing you what is happening at a given time but you have to watch hours of footage to find a problem.

EPoS will help you identify whether you have stock or cash missing but ascertaining when it happened is time consuming.

PinPoint automatically monitors your till roll data and identifies any suspicious activity or abnormal till use that could be costing your business money.

Prices: find out when items are sold for less than your average selling price

Voids/Refunds: keep track of precisely how many, when they happen and the value

No Sales: alerts when is the till being opened without a sale

Cash Lifts: identifies when there is too much money in the till and records the details of cash lift

Product Changes: get notifications when an item you sell changes price or stock is adjusted

For any retailer that employs staff and wants to keep control of their business, PinPoint is the solution.


Automated intuitive email alerts from your till

Get the exact times of unusual transactions

Discreetly monitor your till transactions 24 hours a day

Identitfy a need for additional staff training

Reduce staff theft and protect your cash

Save you me trying to find problems

Give you peace of mind and reassurance


EPoS Weighing Scales

Fresh Produce Control with Reposs Scale Link

EPoS Weighing Scales

Fresh Produce Control with Reposs Scale Link

Get Control of Fresh Produce Sales & Stock

Fresh produce sales are quite often loose items and sold by weight with different prices every day it can be quite difficult to make sure items are sold for the correct price and to see the volume sold. The Reposs scale link means you can manage your fresh produce sales that do not have barcodes so you charge correctly and see what you have sold.

  • Price Accuracy
  • Product Accuracy With Pictures
  • Manage Wastage Against Sales
  • Control Stock and Sales
  • Serve Customers Faster
  • Easy To Use


Fresh Produce - why to move to an Electronic Point of Sales system. EPoS weighing scales.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions


REPOSS have developed a mobile hand-held terminal with integrated scanner that gives you control throughout your shop and you can even take it to cash and carry.

Using the latest handheld technology you can do a full or spot check stock take at anytime. You can also use it to help generate an order or update prices.


  • small and slim handheld terminal perfect for single-handed use
  • create stock orders
  • stock updated automatically
  • book in stock offline in cash & carry
  • price check and update in store




RePoS mobile EPoS