The Reposs Home News Delivery system helps you save time by automating and managing your paperounds and customer accounts more profitably.

Delivering papers and magazines to your customers can be time consuming and costly if you do not stay on top of your customers' delieveries and what your customers owe. 

Manual paperounds systems with ledger or huggler books, rounds books, diaries, paper notes and manual bills can be repetitive and result in costly mistakes.

The Reposs Home News Delivery system allows you to automate your paperound accounts so that you can easily manage the papers and magazines your customers need delivered. Customers are charged accurately for what they have delievered and that they get billed promptly and accurately to help your cashflow.

Flexibility with simple controls and reporting mean you make sure each delivery customer is profitable and it helps you to see new home news delivery customers as an opportunity, rather than just more work.

Available as a Home News Delivery system fully integrated into a Reposs EPoS system, a standalone Home News Delivery system or a Home News Delivery software package.


Set up detailed and bespoke customer accounts 

Produce round sheets quickly and easily

Delivery date requests automatically managed

Payments and vouchers tracked and updated

Easy to understand and flexible customer reports