Getting the best start with your new EPoS system will produce the best returns in the future. Most installations and training is done by the same sales technician that gave you your onsite demonstration, as they already have a clear idea of what you need to achieve and where everything is in the shop.


Reposs provide a professional installation with every Reposs EPoS System. This ensures your new Reposs EPoS system is setup and configured correctly and with an onsite installation you do not run the risk of damaging your system, so your time can be spent learning how to use the system to the max.


A Reposs EPoS system is simple to use and with help and guidance from a Reposs sales technician on day one you will get a clear plan of how to get started and achieve great results. Our sales technician will help you prioritise what you need to do and give you a solid framework upon which to build on. In our experience this not only helps retailers who have never really used a computer before but also helps retailers that are very PC literate progress much faster.

Ongoing Training

This is just to get you started though. Afterwards you will have access to unlimited online training as part of your support package. This means you can learn how to get more out of your Reposs EPoS system in bite-sized chunks.