Reposs Core has electronic links with Menzies Distribution and Smiths News.

A Reposs EPoS system allows you to manage the supplies and sales of your news and magazine titles that you get from Smiths News or Menzies Distribution. But to keep this information up to date and maintained can be very time consuming if you have to book in each title every morning. The Reposs EPoS System allows you to connect to Menzies Distribution or Smiths News via i-Menzies or Snapp respectively, which means you can download your delivery seemlessly each morning. Your daily electronic delivery note contains all the information you need to keep your publications up to date.

New Newspaper & Magazine Titles - sets up the new title with all information required so it is ready to be scanned

New Prices - not only will all titles scan at the till at the correct price, it will automatically update the prices for your customer account and customers that have a paper delivered.

Stock Quantity Received - the quantity of the issue being delivered can be booked in automatically, helping stock control so you can see what needs returning and how many.

Bardcode & Issue Numbers - this gives you stock by issue control and makes sure every title scans when a customer wants to buy it.

Using a Reposs EPoS System will help you manage your newspapers and magazines more profitably and could save you at least one hour per day booking in news titles.