From the 21st February retailers will no longer be able to download their daily deliveries from Smith News via C2U  Connect 2 U

But if you have a Reposs EPoS System you will be able to download your daily deliveries from the Smiths News SNapp Online.  

SNapp online - instantly access orders, extras and claims whenever you need to

Downloading your daily deliveries of Newspapers & Magazines from SNapp into your Reposs EPoS System could save you up to one hour a day booking in newspapers and magazines, The quantity delivered by issue, prices and new titles will be updated automatically so you can start selling newspapers and magazines as soon as the arrive.

This automation really helps for stock by issue newspaper and magazine control, so you can identify what has been sold and what needs to be returned by issue. 

You will need to register on the SNapp online service and this will also give your lots of useful information about your Smiths News News & Magazines supply