After recently unveiling a new initiative to work more closely with its process and channel partners in the fast-paced UK convenience market, mobile payment and loyalty specialist Zapper is now collaborating with Reposs Ltd to further develop the potential of this amazing app.

Zapper are providers of a simple mobile payment app that will bring your independent convenience stores or newsagents, into the tech-savvy world of the 21st Century.

The Millennial generation (born 1980 – 2000) are set to beat the baby boomers with purchasing ability and with their love for loyalty (Accenture, 2018), the Zapper app is sure to guide them into your independent shop. This cutting-edge technology from Zapper brings together the consumer, the retailer, loyalty, process partners (Reposs Ltd) and data and analytics. How society consumes is rapidly transforming and by 2020 Millennials will make up 35% of the global workforce. Zappers potential to embrace the ever-changing habits of consumer society is huge. The Zapper revolution has just begun so why not be a part of it?

Parents of millennials are adapting their spending habits too. Our very own managing director, Paul Lansdale is already using the Zapper app. He recently returned from South Africa where Zapper has been pioneered. The seamless payment system allowed him to make a payment with just one tap on his mobile phone.

As a retailer, Zapper enables you to choose and provide a loyalty scheme to your regular customers. Once they begin using the app, loyalty points are earned and money off vouchers begin to appear in the voucher section. There is a promotional first-time user discount available to new customers, at no cost to the retailer.

The Zapper solution includes an online portal for retailers which provides data associated with each transaction, such as customer name, time of purchase and basket spend. Retailers can also use the data to drill down and understand customer frequency, shopping habits, feedback and can contact and/or reward individuals or segments of their tribe in a couple of clicks. If you’d like more specific data, Zapper can help.

With the Reposs and Zapper integration now complete contact us on 01732-762200 to activate Zapper loyalty with built-in mobile payments on your Reposs Core EPOS system today.


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