Security Solutions at Reposs

Here at Reposs we want to support you in every way, including helping you with security within your shop. We have an array of products that can ensure the safety of you and your shop including, Pin Point, POS safe and a counterfeit note detector and  AVE (CCTV integration with EPoS).

PIN POINT is a security feature exclusive to Reposs Core software which allows you to identify point of sale (PoS) security issues when they happen so you know exactly when and what you are looking for on your EPoS system and CCTV. Pin Point is for any retailer who employs staff and wants to keep control of their business. It will automatically monitor your till roll data and identify any suspicious activity or abnormal till use that could be costing your business money. Some features of Pin Point include:

  • Prices: find out when items are sold for less than your average selling price
  • Voids/Refunds: keep track of precisely how many, when they happen and the value
  • No Sales: alerts by email or SMS when the till is being opened without a sale
  • Cash Lifts: identifies when there is too much money in the till and records the details of cash lift
  • Product Changes: get notifications when an item you sell changes price or stock is adjusted

A POS SAFE can be mounted with a bracket to the underside of the counter or to a surface near to your Reposs EPoS system. Its two-key system means there is one key to secure it to the bracket and another key to access the secured money. Its solid metal construction gives it durability and strength and will help reduce the loss risk by raids and by staff theft. It comes with a 12 month return to base (RTB) warranty. So for that added peace of mind why not order one today.

A COUNTERFEIT NOTE DETECTOR will protect your business from receiving fake money. It’s a quick and easy way of knowing that the money going through you EPoS system is for real. A forged bank note will cost your business money, with this counterfeit note detector you can really protect your business. Visit our Reposs online shop today and browse all our amazing security products.