How your newsagents can benefit from integrated card payments

What are integrated card payments?

In short, integrated card payments is where the checkout process is seamlessly dealt with by a single system. It’s where our Reposs epos system and the card payment system work as one, rather than separate hardware and software at the checkout. 

Put simply, in the old days, the till and the card payment system were separate, there was a disconnect between the cash register and the card terminal. Nowadays, with integrated payment solutions, Reposs epos systems process transactions at the till, and the amount is automatically passed to the card reader. There’s no manual entry for the amounts required, meaning the customer can quickly and efficiently use his or her card using chip-and-pin or contactless, minimising the opportunity for mistakes and speeding up the entire checkout process for payment by card.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 reasons your newsagents or convenience store will benefit from integrated card payments.

1. Streamline your operation

Streamlining the way your store takes payments is an obvious win-win. You’re able to process payments faster, reduce churn at the checkout, and save money on each transaction - meaning happier customers, and a happier store.

2. Reduce mistakes

With a fully integrated card payment solution, the epos system and card terminal operate as one, in a single process. There is no need for the cashier to manually enter amounts, as the amount due is calculated on the epos system and seamlessly passed to the card terminal - meaning no voided transactions due to the cashier mistakenly inputting incorrect amounts ensuring customers are not over-charged, or you’re out of pocket.

3. Easy and efficient reporting

Integrated card payments automatically appear in the epos systems end-of-day reports, making the auditing, reconciliations, and totting up at the end of the day a matter of seconds! Gone are the days of cumbersome standalone systems that each requires their own end-of-day procedure.

4. Comply with PCI DSS security standards

Encrypted credit or debit card data is never exposed to your systems, meaning complete safety for the customer and reduced exposure for stores.

5. Fast refunds

Refunds become quick and efficient, meaning dwell time at the till for refunds is reduced to a minimal amount and allowing more time for sales.

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