Reposs Club launches new turnstile contactless payments

Introducing Reposs Gate, the new contactless payment system for football clubs, rugby clubs, and cricket grounds around the United Kingdom.

This innovative new technology allows sports clubs to take contactless payments at the club’s turnstiles, making transactions between fans and the club safer, faster, and more efficient.

Key benefits of Reposs Gate include:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Contactless card payments with Payment Sense PS Connect
  • Live gate counts to better manage capacity
  • Minimises congestion at the turnstiles
  • Assists in physical distancing
  • Creates automated takings reports

Contactless payments are even more important whilst the country carries on during the coronavirus pandemic. The logic behind investing in contactless payments is that it enables better social distancing between fans and club staff. Choosing to go contactless is a mitigating measure that will help to keep fans and staff safe.

When reviewing your club’s event ticketing strategy, you should consider the layout of the ground, where are the zones most at risk of physical proximity, and is there anything you can do to make those zones safer? We believe that contactless turnstiles will help speed up footfall around the club’s gates, meaning a steadier flow of fans throughout the stadium.

With the addition of live gate counts and automated reports, you can trace and report on the capacity in specific zones around the ground.

It’s not just the gates that can be proximity zones, it’s important to review the general capacity of the club grounds, circulation routes, and queuing areas and to make alterations if necessary to ensure that social distancing compliance in line with the current guidelines.

It’s also important to consider and follow your local guidance around coronavirus before launching any sporting events.

A top tip, make sure that the signage is clear, simple, and highlights the fact the turnstiles are contactless. With good signage, it should be clear to any fans trying to pass the turnstiles on how they can pay and get through to the club grounds.

Reposs provides payment gateway technology and point of sale systems to retailers, shops, convenience stores, newsagents, football clubs, rugby clubs, and cricket clubs around the United Kingdom.

For more information about Reposs Gate, call the Reposs Sales Team on 01732 762 200 or email