Retain members with membership cards and discounts

Get control. Save time. Boost profits.

It’s not crude to consider your sports or social club as a business. Yes, you’re right to view the club as social, and for the community, but it also needs revenue to survive, to continue to operate, and without a business mindset, the social and community aspect of your club can be difficult to fulfil.

Our EPoS systems for clubs have a range of add on features that can be fully customised to meet your sports club, social club, or clubhouses requirements.

Built-in features for membership cards allow members to top-up their membership card with cash and get discounts on certain products, making them feel more valued and providing them a financial benefit or reward for staying a member. 

What you get with the membership cards add-on

A crucial add on for all clubhouses and sports and social clubs, we provide you with the membership cards to distribute to your members so that they can access discounts that you can customise in your club’s EPoS system.

By providing discounts to your membership, you’re rewarding and encouraging repeat purchase behaviours at your club. Regular patronage helps a club to be financially sustainable, as well as reassuring club owners that the club is liked and trusted.

From a financial perspective, membership discount schemes have been widely studied and usually the results show increased revenues, increased revenues per customer, and increased frequency of sales.

Importance of member loyalty and retention.

Members are the beating heart of any sports or social club. They look after the club house, they volunteer, and they motivate the players, maintain your grounds, and turn up on weekends no matter the weather – all to support your club.

Member loyalty and retention is therefore critical to the future of your sports club, and understanding what your members want should be a core focus of the club.

So, what do members want?

The obvious one is they want to engage with healthy lifestyle through sport. They might have family or friends who are players, they may be players themselves, they may simply just be committed to the local community and enjoy sport, or get involved for the social benefits. Being part of a sports club is to be part of a family. You’re not just a teammate or fan, you’re a friend. Making your members feel part of something bigger can really help with this mindset. Allowing them to become officially affiliated with the club to recognise this is an effective way of building this relationship.

Developing membership boosting initiatives can translate into a more sustainable club in the future.

Your sports club wants to attract dedicated players and members, this will improve the quality of your teams, and create a better atmosphere at home. Better teams mean more opportunity for success, a key aspect of strong club culture.

A successful club attracts new members and local talent in itself, it self sustains. Parents want their children to blossom at a club they can trust, and are likely to become members themselves in future. Ultimately, developing these relationships help to build security around the club and its future.

Growing your membership

To make your club successful, membership needs to extend beyond players, coaches, referees, and scorers, and they’re immediate families and closest friends.

A common membership offering to grow membership might be to allow members to hire facilities such as a five-a-side pitch, or the tennis courts.

Besides providing sports enthusiast a local club to support, a clubhouse bar can also be a great space for socialising, and regular patrons may want to be officially affiliated to the club with a membership, an obvious incentive to encourage this official affiliation is discounts on drinks and bar snacks.

Never forget, members are the lifeblood of your club. Look after them, and you’ll flourish.

Other key benefits of our Reposs Club EPoS system

Key benefits include:

  • Easy to use: your clubhouse is likely operated by a mix of staff and volunteers, so we’ve designed our system to be easy to understand, intuitive, and straightforward – no matter your experience.
  • Customisable: add, remove, and edit products. For example, club merchandise, season tickets for home games, whatever you need, the system is flexible to your requirements.
  • Stock control and sales analysis.
  • Advertising screens: a customer facing screen can sell advertising space to local sponsors, or promote upcoming fixtures and community events.
  • Useful reporting: automated reports on revenues, costs, and transactions to save hours of time.

Want to find out more, or book a free demonstration of Reposs Club, get in touch today! Our sales team endeavour to reply within 1 working day.