Reposs launches a new partnership with epay

Reposs have recently launched a new partnership with epay to provide new retail point-of-sale solutions to their retailers, newsagents and convenience stores. Earn commission on every sale, from mobile top-ups to gaming vouchers, and gift cards.

Integrated mobile top-ups will be available on all Reposs epos till systems with the epay module. This is a key efficiency saving that will immediately benefit most newsagents and convenience stores who upgrade. Reducing the need of a second phone line, rental of the line, or any lease costs for additional legacy systems used in the processing of mobile top-ups, making it more cost-efficient to sell mobile top-ups for all the big brands, such as EE, Three, O2, Virgin, and Giffgaff.

In addition, Reposs’ partnership with epay will bring the world of gaming, music, streaming, and lifestyle to your store. We’re excited to announce that the Reposs/epay module also introduces a whole new revenue stream selling digital gift cards for some of the biggest brands such as Amazon, Playstation, Xbox, JustEat, Spotify, Netflix, and Nintendo.

These products have seen a big increase in sales over the past several months, with the coronavirus lockdown driving more and more people to at-home entertainment options and online ordering, and with the recent launch of the new Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, there is forecast increased demand for gaming gift cards in particular. Meeting that demand in your store will help increase footfall and sales.

Bringing the joy of gifts to newsagents and convenience stores

Major global brands available at the touch of a button. Without any physical stock to manage, your Reposs/epay system enables retailers to sell gift vouchers using your standard receipt printing system.

The digital gifting solution uses an existing process for purchasing to fulfil orders.

  1. Customer purchases PoR code from integrated Reposs/epay POS terminal;
  2. The customer receives printed receipt with product details, and the option to use a self-use code or a pre-paid gift card;
  3. Customer decides to either use the receipt to redeem on applicable platforms, or;
  4. Customer gifts amount onto a pre-paid gift card by visiting and inputting the receipt code, recipient address details, and personalising the gift card and delivery date;
  5. The recipient will receive a personalised email and link to the gift card on the delivery date.
  6. The original customer receives the notification of successful delivery.

Let us enhance your sales

People are looking at convenience stores to be more convenient than ever. Customers want to be able to do many things in their local shop, from grocery shopping to paying their bills, or sending their post, they also want to buy their lottery tickets, top-up their mobile, and now they can pay for their gaming, streaming, music, or lifestyle. The more services that you can provide your customers in-store, the more gravity you create for greater footfall.

We believe with new revenue streams and new high-value products to offer, your store will increase its footfall unlike any other retailer, not only that, there’s a bunch of other benefits:

  • New categories of products to offer
  • Bring in additional revenues
  • Free service and readily available
  • Extra POS available upon request
  • Earn commission on every sale

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