Transform your business with Reposs Table Service

The revolutionary Reposs EPoS Table Service system has been designed with coffee shops and other small outlets in mind, offering an easy way for businesses to see growth and introduces new customer service opportunities - the backbone of small business success.

The Reposs Tabel Service system encourages sales growth and customer satisfaction and is ideally suited to the burgeoning coffee shop market. Coffee shops have historically seen rapid growth in the retail sector. As of 2019, the coffee shop market was worth £10bn across more than 25,000 outlets. The sector’s turnover grew 8% between 2018-2019, which represented 20 consecutive years of sales and outlet growth.

Table Service is perfect for coffee shops as well as other retailers with a café area, such as community stores, sports clubs, farm shops and convenience stores. Ensure your business is positioned to take advantage of this growth with our Table Service solution.

Reposs Table Service Features

The Reposs Table Service system has a number of unique features designed to maximise the efficiency and profitability of your coffee shop or small outlet.

Table Management

Reposs Table Service supports table management of up to 26 tables, ensuring full coverage across your coffee shop and maximisation of covers.

Using Reposs Table Service, users are also able to customise table layout, name and numbers to match the coffee shop/restaurant layout. This ensures staff members can instantly find the table they need, meaning more time is spent serving customers and generating revenue.

Tableside ordering with our Mobile Tablet (COVID-19 READY)

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, physical distancing is critical. Reposs offers a solution that allows your business to take social distancing to an even safer level, ensuring the protection of both your staff and customers.

The Reposs mobile tablet has built-in EPoS functionality that allows for orders to be taken at the table. Each dining group can be set up with their own unique table and tablet combination, with their order being taken through the tablet and a tab subsequently registered to them.

These steps not only enforce safety guidelines resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat custom, but they also provide faster and slicker service to your customers which in today’s fast moving casual dining and quick service space is vital to maintain an edge on the competition and maximise profits for your business.

Charge from anywhere

With Reposs Table Service, you’re able to bill a specific table using any of the business’ network of computers. This not only keeps your staff and customers safe during a period of social distancing, but it also allows for the more efficient management of table billing. Customers receive prompt service, encouraging repeat business and freeing up staff time to focus on maximising covers.

Split Payment Types

Reposs Table Service supports split payment functionality, allowing bills to be paid by multiple customers, in different forms, such as cash, card and vouchers.

Give your customers a quick and hassle-free payment experience by being flexible enough to take payments any way.

All of the features above combine to make the order, service and payment options straightforward, quick and easy for both staff and customers, encouraging repeat business and freeing up staff time to focus on maximising covers.

Paul Lansdale, Managing Director of Reposs Ltd says,

“Our development team has been hard at work recently with the launch of our cloud-based Selling Price Index, In-store Loyalty Vouchers and now Table Service. This latest development will enable existing and future clients to provide another service to their customers, encouraging repeat visits, providing a community environment for their customers to have a drink and a snack and increasing customer spend while taking advantage of one of the fastest-growing sectors. Table Service will also allow your business to abide by government guidelines in relation to COVID-19, offering your customers a safe dining service. Wherever people like to enjoy a drink, meet up with some friends or just relax, Table Service gives great service, setting our customers' businesses apart."

Transform your business with Reposs Table Service

Increase customer satisfaction, customer retention and revenue by adopting our Table Service solution which allows your business to effectively manage the table management and payment process.

For any retailer that manages multiple covers and wants greater control of their service, Table Service is the solution.

If you want to learn more about how Table Service can transform your business, call 01732 762200 or email Alternatively, fill out our contact form.