Zapper's First Ever Integration at Reposs

Reposs is proud to announce it’s first Zapper integration at the Gurney Slade Store, Radstock. Paul Weller (not the lead singer of the Jam), owner and manager is over the moon with the transition from a stand-alone EPoS System to a fully integrated till. Paul now has at least 30 Zapper customers! He’s able to logon to the Zapper portal and monitor his customers purchases. He can also see when a customer last visited and if they haven’t been in for a while he can send them an incentive to come in, such as a money off voucher or discount.

zapper collage insta.jpg

Zapper also run competitions via the app. Paul has participated and won a tenner! Zapper also send through offers such as half price Nutella around pancake day. This offers independent retailers, newsagents and convenience store's the opportunity to categorise in-store and sell alongside other products that are full price. Paul is a 100% happy with Zapper and its integration with his Reposs EPos System and guess what? His customers absolutely love it too, especially if they’ve forgotten their purse, all they need to do is zap with the phone for a stress free purchase. Thanks Paul, for the delightful feedback.

Reposs Core Software Only

Our Reposs Core software has many excellent features to make running a newsagent or convenience store more efficient.

Security Solutions

Here at Reposs we want to support you in every way, including helping you with security within your shop. We have an array of products that can ensure the safety of you and your shop including, Pin Point, POS safe and a counterfeit note detector and  AVE (CCTV integration with EPoS).

Protect Defend Discourage

Protect Defend Discourage

American Video Equipment (AVE) is working in collaboration with Reposs Ltd to provide a retail loss prevention POS interface (VSI-Pro).