NEwsagents EPos System

Traditionally Newsagents were referred to as CTNs because they sold Confectionary, Tobacco and News, but over the last 20 years newsagents have had to adapt to social and commerical change to supply a wide variety of products and services for their customers. Newspapers and Magazines are still profitable but the supplies, sales and returns need to be managed properly without taking up huge amounts of time in a business that needs to minimise costs. Home news delivery ( paperounds) still provides the backbone for some shops and can be a great source of regular income and help generate additional sales and customer loyalty. Getting a Reposs EPoS System will help you get control, save time and boost profits, enabling your business to thrive and help you realise the potential of your shop.



The Reposs EPoS Till 

Integrating all the services and products you sell into one till makes it easier for you, family members and your staff to serve customers quickly and accurately. No one needs to remember prices and when you scan each item you sell everything at the right price, so no costly mistakes and happy customers. The till can be adapted for the products and services you offer, so even if items do not have barcodes then the sales can be managed by selling through preset keys, print your own barcodes and weighing scales.

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Counter Sales Newspapers & Magazines

Selling magazines at the right price is made easy with daily downloads from both Menzies and Smiths News, setting up new prices and titles automatically. Protecting the margin on every magazine sale and also allowing you to track sales and stock by the issue number of each magazine sold.

Paperounds & Customer Accounts

Manage all your home news delivery customers accurately and efficiently to make your rounds more profitable and reduce running costs. Holiday diary changes, payments and alterations to customer accounts can all one at the till quickly and easily, saving you valuable time and giving your customers an efficient service.