PinPoint allows you to identify issues when they happen so you know exactly when and what you are looking for on your EPoS system and CCTV.

CCTV is great for showing you what is happening at a given time but you have to watch hours of footage to find a problem.

EPoS will help you identify whether you have stock or cash missing but ascertaining when it happened is time consuming.

PinPoint automatically monitors your till roll data and identifies any suspicious activity or abnormal till use that could be costing your business money.

Prices: find out when items are sold for less than your average selling price

Voids/Refunds: keep track of precisely how many, when they happen and the value

No Sales: alerts when is the till being opened without a sale

Cash Lifts: identifies when there is too much money in the till and records the details of cash lift

Product Changes: get notifications when an item you sell changes price or stock is adjusted

For any retailer that employs staff and wants to keep control of their business, PinPoint is the solution.

*A software support contract is required for this feature


Automated intuitive email alerts from your till

Get the exact times of unusual transactions

Discreetly monitor your till transactions 24 hours a day

Identitfy a need for additional staff training

Reduce staff theft and protect your cash

Save you me trying to find problems

Give you peace of mind and reassurance