Reposs provide a complete solution so that every retailer can quickly get the benefits of the EPoS system from day one and for the life of the system. No other EPoS System is a Reposs EPoS System and we not only have great hardware and software that is easy to use, but we also provide excellent installation and support services.

We are a Gold partner for supplying the Toshiba pos to independent retailers. The Reposs EPoS hardware is retail hardened for high volume low value transactions and Toshiba and Reposs guarantee to provide parts and services for all Toshiba terminals for at least 7 years after they cease production, ensuring you have the support and parts you need to continue trading effectively for years to come.

We also provide all of the hardware and software peripherals that you need with our Newsagent EPoSConvenience Store EPoS, Social Club or Sports Club EPoS packages, so you have everything you need from day one. If you already have EPoS hardware we maybe able to utilise it.

All of our EPoS packages can come with 5, 6 or 7-day-a-week software and hardware support and once the initial period of support expires you can take out a support package from as little as £1.40 +VAT per day. Want to know more about our training and support services?


Meet the Reposs Pos and the new Toshiba T10

Toshiba T10 is supplied with a two line customer display as standard. The 10inch customer display as above is an optional extra. The iButton in the video above is also an optional extra.

The Reposs Pos is supplied with a 15inch customer screen as standard