Do you want more from your EPoS software? Do you need EPoS software that is quicker and more reliable? Already have touchscreen hardware, just need great software? Service and support poor from current system provider?

These are just some of the reasons why Reposs offer an EPoS software replacement package to retailers with compatible touchscreen hardware.

Software replacement can be a cost effective solution and you can get all the great benefits of Reposs Core EPoS software at a lower cost than replacing your whole system, which if it is only a few months old or on finance you probably do not want to do anyway.

We provide an initial free inspection of your existing hardware when we give you a demonstration so you can get an idea of what will be involved, whether it is compatible and if there will be any additional hardware required.

Within a software replacement package we will include, configuration, onsite installation and training, one year minimum online training and one year minimum software support.

We have provided software replacement on a wide range of EPoS Touchscreen hardware including:

  • IBM Touchscreen EPoS tills
  • Toshiba Touchscreen EPoS tills
  • J2 TouchScreen EPoS tills
  • Epson Touchscreen EPoS tills
  • Posligne Touchscreen EPoS tills
  • Posiflex Touchscreen EPoS tills
  • Partner Touchscreen EPoS tills

If your EPoS touchscreen hardware is not on this list or you are not sure what it is, we may still be able to help.