Most wholesalers understand the vitally important role that EPoS has to play in the modern convenience store and newsagent and see it as an essential business tool for the success of their retailers' businesses.

They have invested in infrastructure and technology to help make it easier for their retailers to get connected to them. A Reposs EPoS system connects you to your wholesaler so you can place orders, download product files and get electronic purchase notes and delivery notes.

Some wholesalers also give Reposs their forthcoming promotions each month so you can download the relevant promotions at the click of a button straight into your Reposs system.

Hundreds of Reposs customers connect to their wholesaler through their Reposs EPoS system, helping them get control, save time and boost profits.

We are constantly working with wholesalers to add functionality and we are always adding new wholesalers so it is very easy for you to change wholesaler, without changing your EPoS system.

*A software support contract is required for this feature