Get Control | Save Time | Boost Profits

The Reposs N1 EPoS System 

  • 15.6" Capacity Touch Screen.
  • Receipt Printer
  • Metal Cash Drawer
  • Single Line Barcode scanner
  • Reposs Core Retail, Club or Cafe Software
  • One day online installation and training
  • Keyboard and USB memory pen

*All prices are subject to VAT.

Control your stock 

What’s selling well? And what’s not selling? Our cutting-edge system gives you all this information and our Price Index and Cloud Product Builder allows you to add standard products and monitor pricing.

Fully flexible

Add, remove and edit the products in your store and prevent staff members having to guess pricing. And if a product doesn’t have a barcode you can create your own for that specific product.

New revenue streams

The Reposs T80 comes with a second customer-facing screen which you can use to display promotions or offers or sell advertising space to local tradesmen or other local businesses.