Q: Can my small shop benefit from installing REPOSS Core? 

A: If your shop turnover is greater than £2000.00 per week, you need to install a REPOSS Core EPoS System. 


Q: We are a family run shop, could we benefit from installing a REPOSS Core EPoS System? 

A: A lot of independent shops are family run and you will still get huge benefits installing REPOSS. A real advantage when you install a REPOSS System is that everyone will be charging the same price and anyone can serve on the till. 


Q: How long will it be before I can serve customers with a REPOSS System? 

A: REPOSS Core product builder allows you to start scanning straight away, so you can serve customers from day one. 


Q: I am not technical, will I be able to use a REPOSS System? 

A: A REPOSS System is designed to be easy to use, book a demostration at your shop and try it for yourself. 


Q: I am thinking of having a refit then installing a REPOSS System? 

A: You can achieve better results from a refit if you install a REPOSS System fi rst. It will show you what is currently making money and gives you your shop’s specific sales information, so you can develop your business easily. 


Q: One of my members of staff has worked in the shop for the last 25 years and is great with the customers and helps me out all the time. But they have said if I install EPoS it might be time they retired. 

A: Most staff are surprised at how easy REPOSS Core is to use and that it works in a similar way to a manual till. If a member of staff is important in the daily running of the business, we would suggest they attend the demonstration. 


Q: How long will a REPOSS System last? 

A: We provide support packages for when your initial support expires. Not only does this cover you in the event of a problem, we also provide software updates so your system stays current. All EPoS equipment we supply is specially designed, developed and tested to be retail hardened, making it much more future proof and keeping the cost of ownership down. 


Q: Will I have to pay more in VAT if I install EPoS? 

A: When you use a REPOSS System you can change your Retail Vat scheme, so you only pay vat on what you sell, which can save you thousands in Vat.


Q: How much is a Reposs EPoS System?

A: This varies on what you need and we will be happy to give you a specific quotation, but prices for new systems start from £8.31 +vat per week fully supported for one year.


Q: If I change my wholesaler do I need to change my EPoS System?

A: The Reposs EPoS system is not tied to a specific wholesaler, so if you decide to use an alternative or secondary wholesaler you simply run a process to update the products and  


Q: how much will maintenance / support be after the initial inclusive period?

A: Maintenance packages start from £5.48 +vat per week 


Q: Is maintenance / support compulsory after the initial period?

A: You do not have to have maintenance or support after the initial period to use the Reposs EPoS System.


Q: Are there any yearly or monthly software user fees?

A: When you buy a Reposs EPoS System or EPoS Software you get a life time licence for your business and there are no additional charges for using the software.