CCTV Interface                                                                           Coming 2018

CCTV Interface Coming 2018

Every day, stores lose millions at the point of sale (POS) in various ways, ranging from unauthorized discounts to simple theft.

Zapper For Retail - Coming Early 2018

Zapper is a revolutionary loyalty app powered by mobile payments. Customers use the Zapper app to pay on their smartphone, and automatically get a virtual loyalty card just for your store.

NEW Reposs POS EPoS Till

Reposs are pleased to announce the launch of their brand new Reposs POS EPoS till.

CJ Langs Reposs EPoS Electronic Link

CJ Langs Reposs EPoS Electronic Link

Reposs has completed development and testing of the CJ Langs Reposs Electronic Link, which enables Reposs users to connect with CJ Langs.