Meet the new Toshiba T10 EPoS Till

The Toshiba T10 All-in-One POS system is retail optimized and designed to be agile, flexible and reliable with the ability to scale as retailers and consumer demands change. A complete retail POS solution in a small package, that delivers the perfect mix of value, performance and style for budget-conscious businesses.


  • Compact all-in-one solution (360mm wide, 183mm deep, and 329mm high)

  • Primary 15’’ 4:3 PCT display easily adjusts with lay-flat mechanics

  • Dual Display option

  • Modular system board can be upgraded in the future as technology changes

  • Multiple dedicated POS ports including USB, RS232 and cash drawer

All Toshiba Basics Line POS systems are retail optimized to provide substantial performance, easy maintenance and positive operational impact based on an open platform designed to run with industry standard peripherals.

The Toshiba T10 is well suited to meet both aesthetic and durability requirements and is designed to deliver the performance you need to keep your business running. Its primary display easily adjusts and conveniently folds resulting in numerous use cases for your business; a stand-a-lone concierge kiosk that acts as a virtual sales assistant, or embedded into the counter as a self-service terminal, or even mounted on the wall, allowing for installation in any location and transforming your retail store into a retail experience.

Reposs Cloud Selling Price Index

The Reposs Core EPoS software now allows it's users to compare their selling prices against the major wholesalers and 1000’s of retail stores by using the NEW Reposs Cloud Selling Price Index.

The Selling Price Index is constantly updated, giving our users up to date average selling prices for over 50,000 lines, enabling users of Reposs Core to maximise their selling price where they feel it is appropriate, simply by selecting the average price or using the information to input their own new selling price. Once the change has been made a new shelf edge label can be printed. 

Paul Lansdale, Managing Director, Reposs Ltd said “our new Cloud based Selling Price Index gives our users the average selling price from a massive market read. Every retailer has their own local situation to consider, but by using our Cloud based Selling Price Index our users can access market pricing trends so they can make an informed decision on their own selling prices." 

 "We know from our users experience where we have seen a popular chocolate bar being sold for .68p yet the average is .74p. The sales for the item sold at the average price over a month was 48 bars and the sales for the store selling the same item but at .68p was 42 bars. If the retailer had sold this item at the average price, they would have made another £2.52 in that month and £30.24 over 12 months from just that one item. Imagine the additional profit across the whole chocolate bar range. If they felt an increase of .06p was too much then just a .02p increase across the whole chocolate bar range would still increase their profits significantly.  What we have aimed to do is to provide our retailers with real time data so they can make informed decisions and then be able to track the affects of the changes immediately, with the Reposs Cloud Selling Price Index we give our users the data they need when they need it”

Reposs Till (May 2017) Angle 2.jpg

Reposs Club, our latest EPoS solution

Reposs Club, our latest EPoS solution

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest EPoS Solution, Reposs Club, ideal for Grassroots Sports Clubs selling refreshments and merchandise. To find out how Reposs Club can help you go to