5 Ways to Increase Revenue in Your Coffee Shop and How EPOS Can Help

You know your Cafe has great food, service and is in a great location so why is the money not rolling in? Sadly, it’s not that simple. To keep customers, you have to keep up with your competition. Finding fresh ways to bring in new customers is the best way to increase your café’s sales. Here are some ways your EPoS system can increase your revenue.

Prioritise your social media presence

With the world going more digital, keeping up with social media is a must. In fact, 85% of millennials would choose a place to eat based on a recent social media post. These posts can be as simple as photos of your coffee shop throughout the day, your food or showing discounts and loyalty cards when customers come visit your café. Social media is a fantastic place for promoting your new items of food and drinks and they can go through sponsored content to help target and reach more people who might not follow you online. Use this to your advantage to help advertise your product and give discounts which all can be added easily onto your epos system.

Drive customer referrals

A referral program can help to increase your sales as well as create a more loyal customer base in especially as 87% of customers would take a recommendation from a friend over online reviews. There are many ways in which you can implement this strategy: you can offer customers money off their next meal if they refer to a friend or offer discounts to both the referrer and the referred this then helping to create a repeat business.

It's important to make sure your customers are aware of your program. With Reposs, you can advertise your discounts and offers on our customer facing screen EPoS system; keeping your customers aware of new products as well as referral schemes, discounts and loyalty cards available.

Offer discounts during quieter periods

Offering discounts during days where your coffee shop is slow can help to gain new customers as well as more money on your slower days. 2 for 1 deals, discounts and offers on selected products can all get people through your door. An example of a company that has achieved this is Dominos with their ‘Two for Tuesdays’ a marketing method which has discounted pizza on Tuesdays, bringing in more revenue as well as popularity to a quiet day.

Upsell customers with meal deals

Does your café sell a variety of drinks, cakes and sandwiches? Creating a discount with multi-buy foods can get people to spend a bit more to get more for their money. According to a study it’s been proven that tempting language can encourage customers to order more, so try to sell your menu: An example being ‘A shortbread base, topped with caramel and a layer of milk chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate’ to get those customers wanting to buy more.

Encourage customers to spend more

Being offered samples of new items or drinks in your coffee shop is nothing new, but it’s difficult to resist. The reason many places such as restaurants, cafes and even luxury food brands do this is because it works. This technique is called ‘Suggestive Selling’, upselling like this increases the average order value. Using these techniques are great for when profit margins are tight as it’s a very successful business strategy.

Get More Out of Your PoS

There’s no doubt that having a state-of-the-art EPoS sytem will set your business apart from your competition and allow you to process more transactions on a day-to-day basis.

As technology keeps advancing, retail POS systems are becoming more effective, secure and affordable for all businesses to improve their daily tasks.

If you want to learn more about how Reposs’ EPoS systems can transform your business, call 01732 762200 or email info@reposs.com. Alternatively, fill out our contact form.