How To Promote Your Business This Easter (2022)

Easter is one of the most universally celebrated public holidays. Since Easter is well known and loved by many, it creates a great opportunity for businesses such as yours. 

Here are some innovative ways to promote your business this Easter.

Easter Egg Hunts

Easter is enjoyed by everyone, no matter the age. There are many opportunities for you to drive footfall to your business, exploiting games and activities. One of the obvious promotions could be an in-store easter egg hunt. This kind of activity not only gets people to look around your store, but it also creates excitement around the season. Hide chicks, eggs or bunnies around your brick-and-mortar store and attach a special prize or discount that customers can redeem at the till.

Giving the joy of hunting for eggs and discounts is beneficial to you because these customers will view your store and all it has to offer, receive a reward, and then spread the news to their friends and family. Market this event through the use of in-store posters, as well as notifying customers at the checkout in the run up to the event.

Online Easter Egg Hunts

Even if you’re a business who’s purely online, there’s no reason as to why you can’t create an online Easter egg hunt instead. Simply add voucher codes to certain items and allow customers to find the hidden codes online.

Placing secret prizes and clues throughout your website will get users to look deeper into your website and creates an immersive/engaging activity. Not only does this benefit the user, but as customers search through your website, they will subconsciously discover new products. An interactive game such as this would also provide a welcome boost to website traffic, providing you the opportunity to convert new customers.

Reward Your Customers

Get additional customer engagement with Easter raffles. Set up this campaign a few weeks in advance then enter all customers who entered to win an Easter hamper or gift basket. Another way of doing this is having a small cost of entry and the funds could go to a charitable cause so it gives a gift to the customers and helps a cause that your business wants to help to support. Choosing a selection of items of stock should help create a ripple effect across your sales. These products could be new items you’re selling or hidden gems within your inventory.

Create Limited Edition Easter Bundles

Limited edition goods create a sense of the products being exclusive. Having them for a limited time puts pressure on customers to make a purchase and targets their FOMO response, or "fear of missing out". 

Creating a wide range of bundles to target different demographics is a great way to diversify your offerings and keep a wide variety of customers engaged with your business.

Email Marketing

Why not start the Easter holidays off with a fun email marketing campaign? Though email marketing is sometimes viewed as intrusive and tedious, if done correctly, it’s one of the most successful methods to bring customers into stores, whether that’s physically or virtually. To avoid unopened emails and bounces, entice recipients with the use of targeted discount codes and limited time offers. Implement personalisation to your emails, if applicable, to improve click-through-rates.

Social Media

Show what you’re doing for Easter via social media. Take images of Easter decorations, Easter egg hunts and discount codes available. Keep your customers informed about your opening and closing times during Easter a week in advance. On Easter Day have a scheduled social media post to show appreciation to your customers and wish them well on Easter with a best suited image to celebrate the day that’s best suited for your audience. 

Get More Out of Your POS

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