Why Have a Multi-Channel Retail System For Your Business in-store and Online?

If your business has limited staff, handling both your online and physical store can often be seen as quite a challenge. A solution to this issue is using a multi-channel retail system to help you do most of the work for you.

What is a multi-channel POS system?

A multi-channel POS system enables you to sell in-store and online, using one centralized program. Each system can manage inventory, customer profiles, order management & accounting. 

Streamline Your Retail Service

With our multi-channel EPOS system, you can put your products into your system once and then all the data collected is managed and run. This system not only saves you time, but also helps to update price lists on both your retailed items and online stock.

Efficient Stock Control

When stock is added and sales are made, your total stock will automatically be updated and is reflected across all business channels. This prevents you from overselling your stock so you and your customers are aware of how many items are left in stock.

Improved business visibility and performance insights can create a vast amount of data across several systems. These data insights can display spreadsheets of your stock management, your online website, your retail POS system and so on.

With a multi-channel system across all your business channels, you can gain important insight as well integration in a central hub, allowing you to keep track of your retail business anywhere.

Greater Control Over Your Data

Multi-channel POS systems keep product information together including names, descriptions, attributes and images. These are all tracked under stock-keeping units or SKUs. No matter how many different sales channels you add, your data will keep up.

Easy Shipment Processing

Your system can integrate with carrier systems to speed up sales data transfer and shipment processing, which becomes essential when you are working with several channels. This integration also eliminates manual data entry into the carrier system, so shipments go out with fewer mistakes.

Automated Workflow to Save You Time

Multi-channel systems will help to fine-tune your workflow and then automates them to save on time and costs. With your everyday processing done with our POS, errors can be eliminated; giving you more time to focus on the growth of your business.

With automated workflows, there’s less need to focus on your admin work such as sending orders to warehouses. Automating your entire business can help reap the benefits of more time and money to spend on other areas in your business that have been neglected.


When your business is spread across multiple channels, all elements still have to be managed centrally, either through huge manual efforts or integrated multichannel retail systems. Choosing POS systems saves your time and prevents errors, this ultimately gives you control and confidence to