Why Switch to an EPOS System for Your Business?

EPOS systems are becoming more significant for businesses who are starting up or expanding. These systems are a combination of hardware and software, allowing for the efficient management of your business. EPOS systems have gone through a vast number of developments and are no longer just for recording in-store sales. These systems can now be tailored for a variety of different industries, to help integrate stock systems and accounting and purchasing behaviour software.

Here is how our EPOS system can benefit your specific business.

EPOS for Newsagents and Convenience Stores

These businesses are reliant on staff, so making a system that’s easy to understand is what we pushed for with our EPOS systems for newsagents and convenience stores. Alongside simplicity, our systems are fully flexible: products can be checked, added, or removed on the system with ease, which prevents staff members having to guess or ask for prices. If a product doesn’t have a barcode, our system will allow you to create a unique barcode specific to that product, for use in that situation and the future. Our EPOS systems have matured since their first introduction and are no longer just for recording in-store sales. Now, our EPOS systems can monitor stock levels and produce sales reports to inform purchasing decisions and improve your bottom line.

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EPOS for Sports and Social Clubs

Sports and Social Clubs are an amazing business for large social events and get togethers. Having an effective system that doesn’t crash during the big game is crucial for you and your staff. Your clubhouse is most likely to be operated by a team of staff, so we’ve ensured that our system is easy to understand and intuitive to use, no matter what level experience your workforce has had. Our system allows for adding, removing, or editing products so limited time merchandise or season tickets can be added for a period and removed with ease. With memberships in mind, our EPOS systems have been built to accommodate for membership cards which can be topped up and offer discounted product prices, making every transaction a fast one.

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EPOS for Cafes and Coffee Shops

Keeping in check with tables and discounts can be difficult during busy periods of the day. Our EPOS systems ensure that every table has allocated transactions, as well as functionality to allow for the splitting of the bill between large covers. Our EPOS systems offer full flexibility to add or remove products, such as cakes and pastries, together with added discounts for particular products and stock control. With our easy-to-use systems, tracking revenue streams and reporting are a breeze. These core modules that are built-in within your system ensure that you know your revenue, costs, and transactions, which allow you to make informed purchasing decisions.

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EPOS for Other Retail

We understand that not every staff member in your workforce is a computer genius. Our EPOS systems are easy to use and easy to comprehend. Our Systems are continuously developing to ensure we cover a wide range of sectors including: vape Stores, hardware stores, pharmacies and farm shops, so your niche business can stay up to date.

To run your business, you need to know the critical information about revenue, costs, and transactions. Our system automates all these key reports, providing an overview of your businesses daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly activity.

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Benefit From an Integrated EPOS Solution Today

Increase customer satisfaction and save time and money by adopting Reposs' smart EPOS system that offers built-in stock management capabilities, Reposs fraud technology, integrated payments and advanced reporting.

For any retailer that manages a complex inventory and wishes to take control and benefit from a birds-eye view of their store's individual product performance, Reposs' EPOS system is the answer.

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