Enhance Your Bakery With an Efficient EPOS System

Bakery owners receive orders through a number of channels, be it in-store, online or via telephone. These orders will vary in bath sizes, from individual orders to commercial fulfillment. With a variety of customers coming and going, keeping your orders in line is crucial to keeping customers happy and coming back for more. 

A powerful and efficient EPOS system is the way to make this possible, having a significant impact on your bakery's sales. 

Here's some other ways that your bakery can benefit from an EPOS system:

Order and Stock Management

Stock management, also called inventory management, involves a number of different processes, such as purchasing, order fulfillment, and stock control. Stock management is the process of tracking the success of products in-store and controlling the purchase of products from your suppliers. Successful stock management comes down to balance - ensuring you have the right stock, at the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time. 

Stock management is important as it allows your bakery to proactively review and manage everything it buys and sells. It allows you to make smart buying decisions, informed by previous product sales performance - enhancing your bottom line. 

Some EPOS systems may also allow for the easy ordering of products and supplies. Reposs' Wholesaler links ensure your business never runs out of what it needs. With our electronic wholesaler links, your orders can be placed easily from within the system when stock levels are running low. 

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Integrated Payments

Perhaps the most beneficial thing an EPOS system can do is guarantee the acceptance of multiple payment methods through an integrated payments system. Offering a number of accepted payment types will no only offer an enhanced experience to your customers, but it will also ensure your business doesn't miss out on lost revenue. 

An EPOS system will also have contactless payment functionality. With the world going more mobile with each passing year, only made more important by health concerns during Coronavirus and beyond, customers have become reliant on contactless payments for a safe and efficient method of payment. 

Alongside growing demands for multiple payment methods, customers expect a safe and secure checkout. Offering a secure checkout method improves the trust your customers have for your business, promoting repeat custom. 

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Improved Customer Experience

Another of the most noticeable advantages EPOS has over traditional POS systems is improved customer service. The latest EPOS solutions are designed to be as fast and efficient as possible, in order to service the customer in a timely manner. More and more in the retail environment, customers expect a convenient, accurate and streamlined checkout experience. This can be provided through offering integrated contactless card payments and an intuitive to use touch-screen interface. 

In bakeries, speed of service and convenience is also important. Not only that, but with recent events, social distancing and table side ordering/payments ave also been prioritised by both customers and businesses. 

Whether you're running a local, corner shop bakery or a bustling bakery chain, EPOS systems allow for greater levels of customer service through the use of contactless payments, mobile ordering functionality, stock management and personalised purchasing reports. 

Customer Loyalty and Retention Schemes

Point of sales technology in retail is on a continuous path to support the greater targeting of the shopping experience. 

With exact customer data, you can tailor seasonal promotions, early bird and multi-buy discounts and preview events to pull customers in-store and up-sell existing customers. 

Smart POS solutions will enable your bakery to offer loyalty discounts, gift cards and vouchers, providing loyalty opportunities for your customers and improving customer retention. 

Benefit From an Integrated EPOS Solution Today

Increase customer satisfaction and save time and money by adopting Reposs' smart EPOS system that offers built-in stock management capabilities, Reposs fraud technology, integrated payments and advanced customer reporting. 

With Reposs, you can add additional features to your EPOS system to support all aspects of your bakery, including:

  • Wholesaler Links - orders can be placed easily and quickly when stock levels are running low, giving you full control of your critical ordering at the touch of a button. 
  • Avery Weighing Scales Integration - for items that are sold on a flexible price, determined by weight. 
  • Payment Sense Chip & Pin - An integrated chip and pin system that accepts both PIN and contactless payments. These bespoke packages are put together by Payment Sense, our payment provider partner. 

To learn more about how our EPOS solution can transform your bakery, call 01732 762200 or email info@reposs.com. Alternatively, fill out our contact form