Reposs has completed development and testing of the CJ Langs Reposs Electronic Link, which enables Reposs users to connect with CJ Langs.

The Electronic Link enables retailers to download product files & updates, send orders electronically and download delivery notes including orders from CJ Langs webshop.


The CJ Lang electronic link with Reposs EPoS will save retailers hours in keeping their systems up to date with the latest cost prices, stock quantity input and processing orders. This will also stop costly mistakes where items are sold with reduced margin or even being sold at a loss because cost and retail prices have not been updated.

Using the Reposs EPoS automated margin control, items can be setup with a percentage that you wish to make on the item and if the cost price is updated the price will automatically be updated to maintain your margin.

Reposs offer wholesaler links to most major wholesalers and you can use multiple electronic links on a Reposs EPoS System, if you would like more information please get in touch click here or call 0845 0945 200