American Video Equipment (AVE) is working in collaboration with Reposs Ltd to provide a retail loss prevention POS interface (VSI-Pro). AVE have partnered with Reposs to develop an easily integrated technology that will save you both time and money.

During 2017 the convenience industry lost a monumental £232 million to crime. As a result each retailer invested on average £3,907 on crime prevention measures. Staff theft in the convenience sector is the greatest cost to the industry, with £61 million lost each year, compared with £8 million lost to fraud (ACS,2017).

The VSI-Pro can overlay transactions from your Reposs Core EPoS system onto a designated camera image. Every transaction is monitored and linked with the CCTV surveillance system. This creates an irrefutable audit trail of all activity at payment points. The VSI-Pro aims to eliminate those staff theft transactions with its highly developed technology. At Reposs we understand the uniqueness of our independent shops and the risks they encounter. That’s why we’ve partnered with AVE, to bring you a service that is professional, dynamic and invaluable in a time of uncertainty. Transaction details are processed through your Reposs Core EPoS system and are linked to the CCTV interface. As the retailer you will be able to determine whether the correct amount is being charged for an item in live mode, playback, on the phone app or via your client management software. Suspicious transactions such as VOID, NO SALE or REFUNDS will be highlighted. Individual fraudulent behaviour of staff will be pinpointed and visual evidence of any attempts to defraud the retailer will be provided.

AVE will give you the opportunity and confidence to leave your shop in its safe hands. You’ll be able to go to the cash and carry or spend more time with your family knowing that if anything suspicious occurs, the VSI-Pro is monitoring your Reposs Core EPoS system 24/7. The system will soon pay for itself in as little as three months, so why not call us today on 01732-762200 for that essential peace of mind you need in your life.